Posted by Edwin Seppa on Jun 29, 2018
Dr. Jeanne Davidson, York Hospital Physical Therapist, spoke to the club on Friday, June 29.
Our back muscles are small and weak; our leg muscles are large and powerful. This distinction is the reason we should focus on our legs in doing physical tasks. Dr. Davidson asked us to keep in mind three terms... "Stick", "Dance" and "Don't Twist." Think of having a stick attached along your back. When bending keep your back straight as if in contact with that stick. When you sweep a floor or rake leaves use your legs to dance forward and back so that you aren't bending your back to reach. To reach for things off to the side, don't twist at the waist but rather step in that direction. 
These important yet simple keys were demonstrated by Dr. Davidson who was ably assisted by George "Vanna" Wilson. Club members eagerly attempted to mimic the moves as seen in the image below.