Posted by EDWIN K SEPPA on Jun 21, 2018
A picture perfect June evening at the Beachmere Inn formed the backdrop for a delightful evening. 
We were pleased to be joined by 2018-19 Governor John Lobosco and his wife Sue.  Other District dignitaries in attendance were Liz Cullen (and Bernie), Larry Marsolais and Elias Thomas (and Jane.)  John presented incoming presidents Bob and Erin with the new Rotary theme banner that reads, "Be the Inspiration." (image below)
Kerry, Tracy and Bob honored Mary and Richard Littlefield for their lengthy service to Rotary and to Ogunquit. They also gave awards to Carol Brennan, Mariah Erikson and "Clynkman" Pete Woodbury. Bob handed Three Musketeers bars to his co-presidents and to everyone in attendance.
George Wilson was at his creative and directorial best in presenting the evening's TV Gameshow. While Erin distracted us with cue card training, including the singing of the Reny's tune, George and John Clancy were donning their TV attire. It was all downhill from there! (images below)
Kudos to all who planned the evening, thank you to the outgoing Three Musketeers and congratulations to Bob and Erin as they begin their tenures as presidents.