Posted by Ed Seppa on Aug 04, 2017
The Ogunquit Rotary club capped a successful fundraising effort with a brief ceremony at the Select Board meeting on August 1.
We raised over $2,500 in December via a calendar raffle. Erin Haye, president of the club at the time, proposed the calendar idea to the members and then spearheaded the effort to raise the cash. Once the money had been raised, Erin worked with JP, the captain of the lifeguards at the beach, to properly identify the desirable features. She then obtained prices from several suppliers. The board approved the purchase and the wheelchair arrived in July (after a number of "what now?" delays.)
Last Tuesday evening, president Bob Cruickshank and past-president Ed Smith presented the chair to JP, representing the lifeguards, at the Select Board meeting at the Dunaway Center.